Hold Your Tongue: Part One

The devil’s words have no power. Honest! You cannot find one scripture in the Bible that says that the devil’s words have power. You can only find out how his words got him into trouble!

On the other hand, the Bible tells us that God’s Words are incredibly powerful. He spoke words and created everything!

The words that we speak are also potent.

Proverbs 18:21 in the New Living Translation says: “Those who love to talk will experience the consequences, for the tongue can kill or nourish life.”

I could give you a very long list of scripture verses that would give you more evidence of the importance of words, but that is what concordances are for! Look it up for yourself!

So, if the devil’s words have no power, why is it that he can cause so much trouble on the earth?

Let me tell you, the devil is not silent. He and his demons are busy whispering lies and tempting people into sin all over the world right this minute! But – those whispers don’t have any power at all…

…until he gets you to agree with them.

That’s right. You know it’s true. The enemy can plant an evil thought in your mind like, “I ought to just get a divorce!” The thought alone has no power. It is only a thought. It is what you do with the thought that will determine if the enemy gets any glory from it. If you do as the Word says and “cast it down”, it will not accomplish anything for the devil. But – if you hold on to that thought for awhile and think about it seriously, it will start to gain some ground. It is still only a thought though – but if it travels from your mind to your mouth – now we have serious trouble!

If you come right out and say “I ought to get a divorce!”, the devil’s words have now been given power! The power of your tongue. The power to kill and destroy your marriage.

All evil words start with a thought that the enemy has planted in our minds. How can I say that? Because if we are a believer, the Bible says that we have “the mind of Christ”. I do not believe that the mind of Christ would suggest divorce, do you?

You might be saying “I don’t feel like I have the mind of Christ.” If you are hearing more bad thoughts than good thoughts, you need to renew your mind. We’ll look at how we can do that later!

To see how words effect us, consider kids. Children have very little ability to control their impulses. They are likely to shout out just about any thought that comes into their head. One might angrily say to another, “I hate you!” or “You’re ugly!”. Disagreements between children can escalate quickly and get out of hand. If an adult does not intervene they will end up hitting one another or retreating to opposite corners with their feelings hurt. Do you know why? Because the angry words that are spoken have incredible destructive power!

As a child is parented and trained to control their tongue and consider others before themselves, they are better able to handle disagreements and they are much less likely to say angry things and come to blows! Children who are not parented or who are never taught to control their mouth continue to have problems with relationships long into adulthood. Those who allow their angry tongues to run the show are also often in physical fights!

Maybe your tongue isn’t angry, maybe it is just depressed. Maybe it just has a poor vocabulary! This would be a great project: Pick a day and record the themes of your conversations. You don’t have to record yourself on a tape and you don’t have to get down every word. Just take notes throughout the day about what you talk about.

This is what a day in my life would have looked like several years ago:

I hate my hair.
I hate my body.
I hate my job.
I hate doing the dishes.
My kid is driving me crazy!
I think I’m coming down with something.
I just know that something bad is going to happen.
So and so is so lazy.
So and so has no taste.
So and so is just a rotten %$*&.
I’ll never get along with my Mom.
I’m always getting sick.
I’ll probably end up with cancer.
I’ll die young.
I’ll die alone.
I’ll never meet anyone.

So where do you think those comments came from? Not the mind of Christ I can tell you that! They all came straight from the pit of hell!

I worked in an office full of women and we talked all day. We talked ourselves into sickness and poverty and fear and death every single day. And we didn’t even know it. Most people don’t!

Is this close to how you talk about yourself, your kids, your life? Maybe this is the first time that you have seriously thought about the power of your words. If it is, you might be pretty skeptical. But don’t brush this message off. Read Part Two of this devotion!

Father God, I thank You that You have shown me the value of my words. Please help me to recognize the negative words that I have spoken. I renounce those evil negative words now in the name of Jesus. Father, please wash my mind with Your Word. Show me the scriptures that I need to memorize and speak out loud to train my tongue to speak life and not death! In Jesus Name, Amen.