I’m Sorry, Is My Faith Offending You?

I just finished reading the GQ interview with Phil Robertson and it left me with a smile on my face.

Phil is a Christian living a very naked Christian life.  He’s plain spoken and makes no attempt to be politically correct.

That makes some people flat out furious.

Sorry folks, the Christian faith WILL offend.

  • It offends those who want to believe that they’re in charge of this world, not God.
  • It offends those who believe there is no right or wrong – or eternal consequences.
  • If offends those who disagree with it, plain and simple.

Now the A&E Network that hosts the Duck Dynasty program has ‘suspended’ him for speaking his own mind.  Really?  

Obviously featuring the homey, humorous, safe for TV Christian family was all fun and games until someone shared an faith based opinion that runs deeper than a dinner time prayer?  How lame… and dare I say intolerant?

We’re living in some wild times.  The culture around us has changed drastically.  A person’s right to choose their own way and express their own opinion is defended far and wide – unless of course, they’re a Christian.

I hope I can be as brave as Phil.

  • As a Christian I want to love God and love others, not just those I agree with.
  • As an American I respect people of different lifestyles and religions.
  • As a Christian I need to speak the truth in love.
  • As an American, I need to be able to do that without being accused of hate speech.

I know many homosexuals and lesbians and from my perspective, they’re just people.  I like them.  I respect them.  I enjoy them.  I’m glad they’re in my life.

If I’m given an opportunity to share my faith with them, I will do it.  If I’m asked outright what I believe about homosexuality, I’ll offer to open the Bible and show them what’s written there.  That’s all I can do and to be honest, that’s all I should do.  They, like every other person on this earth, has to bump up against the Word and decide for themselves how they will respond.

I’m gonna love them no matter what.

Christians can’t be afraid to quote the Bible.  

Christian actors shouldn’t be ‘suspended’ for doing so either.  It’s a ridiculous reaction from A&E and I hope they soon realize it.


  1. Sandra says

    I agree completely with you…where freedom of speech is for all except for those who are trying to be good citizens and God-honoring people. It is a world where a double standard is fast becoming a reality for many people. Our freedoms are being taken away faster than ever before. The lists of rules, and do’s and don’ts, are becoming more restrictive and rigid. Control of the people, what people say, what people hear, what people do…is seemingly sweeping the nations, faster than ever before. I truly feel that because people are walking away from God and not heeding His Word, that He is lifting His hand of protection and blessing. We need to be vigilant and live as God wants us to live. Homosexuality is wrong, however I do feel we should not hate the person, but rather love the person and hate the sin. This is what Jesus did and what He expects us to do. Abortion is another very major issue. Do Not Kill…the 6th Commandment. The number of these deaths each year is staggering and God hates that people feel it acceptable to kill a baby human being, what gives one the right to take a life? A little life, not given a chance to ever live and grow and love. God’s blessings are sadly being relinquished…it’s a time to be strong, stay diligent and pray, like we’ve never prayed before. Pray that God have mercy upon us and that He sees enough people in our nations who do want to do His will and will fight the good fight, and that He will continue to bless us, and hold back the evil intent of some to conquer all. Thank you for your post…it is very interesting to see things unfolding…and eye opening as to what we should truly be doing in our own lives.

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