If You Have The Ability To Reason And Choose Right: Be Grateful

The inspiration for this blog post came to me today as I was driving home with my dinner.

My dinner was a delicious healthy grilled chicken salad – but it was very nearly something else.  Something decidedly less healthy for sure.

Why did the healthy salad come home with me instead of some other options?

Well, I was able to reason through my choices and decide to go with the ‘right’ option.

That I can do that is a blessing from God.

How about you?  If you have the ability to think clearly, consider your options and choose rightly – this is a gift.

If you have that ability to choose right, yet consistently choose wrongly – I want to give you a wake up call.

I witnessed an absolutely crazy conversation the other day at the doctor’s office.

The sheer level of dysfunction that exists in some families is shocking to behold.  The ignorance and mean spiritedness of the exchange made me wonder if I had stumbled into a shooting of a reality television show.  I could see that these women were operating out a fog of pure confusion,  As they argued, they contradicted themselves over and over.  Their opinions and substantiating stories morphed and changed the longer they sat there.

I thought, ‘Can’t they hear themselves?’ and of course the answer is no.  They open their mouths and close their ears.

I know these people. I come from these people.  I used to be them.

Thankfully, God didn’t leave me there.  He called out to me, saved me and planted me in a church with awesome some people who proceeded to teach me how to use this beautiful mind that God gave me.

  • I learned that every thought in my head, didn’t have to come out of my mouth.
  • I learned that I am responsible for managing my thoughts.
  • I learned that I can have the mind of Christ if I’ll study the Word.
  • I learned that listening involves shutting up.
  • I learned that I could choose to do what is right when every part of my flesh wants to do what is wrong.


Has He done the same for you?

Do you use that beautiful mind He has given you to choose what is right?

We have a BORN right to choose how we live.

We have a BLOOD bought right to leave old self defeating choices behind us.

We have a ROYAL right to pursue the best for our mind, body and spirit.

Don’t take it for granted sisters.


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