Divorce Ravages Christian Families Too

I was divorced more than 20 years ago, long before I was saved.  When I accepted Christ, I went through so many changes. (That’s an understatement, right?)  I experienced a lot of regret for choices I made in my young adult life – like giving up on my marriage so easily.

Unfortunately, while we’re given a new heart and the opportunity to renew our minds – we don’t get a complete do-over.  Christians have to live with the consequences of their past decisions as much as anyone else and for me, that meant a lifetime of co-parenting with an ex-husband.

My divorce wasn’t awful.  My ex and I weren’t good friends but we weren’t sworn enemies either.  Still, being divorced and raising kids is tough.  Some of the most awkward times were around the holidays.

Holi-Daze-Cover-Photo-2-731x1024Faydra, America’s Divorce Coach, has launched a resource designed to help families struggling with divorce and its aftermath. It’s called Surviving the Holi-Daze and I think it’s going to be meeting a real need in our world.

The holidays are full of pressures and stress in the best of times.  Add a divorce in your family and everything gets more complicated.

I’ve asked Faydra to join me for a free webinar to share some of her best holiday survival tips and answer your questions too.  She said yes!

Listen To The Replay!

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  1. Mary Austin says

    I have hope in Christ despite my husband walking out on me pregnant a few years ago. I feel my hope has dwindled after I was left to bear and bury this child alone. I do not know which shattered me more, the lack of empathy from the church community or the apathy of not wanting to get involved. In either case, the scars remain.

    My adult children and I have grown apart. I am more familiar with strangers than my own family members.

    It has been four years and I still feel I am waking up from a long, disturbing dream. I struggle to reconnect or even consider the possibilities of a new relationship due to the harsh circumstances I have endured.

    It is my hope that we overlook our differences and hold on to our truth in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  2. says

    May be peace with you as you manage the thoughts and feelings of your losses. I can hear the pain in your words and I pray for your comfort and strength as you move forward.

    Sometimes in our darkest hours, we feel more alone than we ever thought possible, but it is in that alone time that we are most able to hear God whisper to us the things He knows can bring us healing.

    Our human supporters- friends, family, our church, are all subject to the human failings of men. they miss the mark, they are unable to meet our needs because they don’t know us like out Father. Sometimes God brings His people into our lives to be His hands and feet and to administer to us and sometimes He wants us to lean only on Him for every aspect of our healing.

    I encourage you to study peace, hope and faith in your Bible and get immersed in what the book has to tell you about these things. Spend time with the Lord in prayer and worship and listen for the still, small voice to reach out to you and ease your pain.
    Blessings and peace

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