Choleric Personality Type

We might as well get the Choleric Personality Type out of the way. We have already read this list here, but it is worth a second look. If you are Choleric, these probably describe you:

Your personality strengths

  • You are a born leader, dynamic and active and have a compulsive need for change.
  • You often feel that you must correct wrongs.
  • You are strong-willed and decisive, independent and self-sufficient.
  • You are not easily discouraged and can be unemotional when necessary.
  • You are capable of running anything and exude confidence.
  • You are an expert in exerting sound leadership, establishing goals and able to motivate the family in to action.
  • You always know the right answer and organize the household.
  • You are very goal oriented, see the whole picture and organize well.
  • You seek practical solutions to problems and move quickly to action.
  • You delegate work but insist on productivity.
  • You make the goals, stimulate activity and thrive on opposition.
  • You have little need for friends and will work for group activity.
  • You often lead from the front, organize and are usually right.
  • You excel during emergencies.

Your personality weaknesses

  • You can be bossy and impatient.
  • You are quick tempered, can’t relax and can be too impetuous.
  • You enjoy controversy and arguments and won’t give up when losing.
  • You can come on too strong, are inflexible and uncomplimentary.
  • You dislike tears and emotions and are generally unsympathetic.
  • You tend to over dominate, are too busy for your family and will often give answers too quickly.
  • You are impatient with poor performance and won’t let children relax if you have any. You are likely to send them in to depression.
  • You have little tolerance for mistakes, however, you don’t analyze details yourself, are bored by trivia and can often make rash decisions.
  • You can be rude and tactless and often manipulate people.
  • You are demanding of others and believe that the end justifies the means.
  • Work may become the driving force in your life and you demand loyalty in the ranks.
  • You tend to use people and dominate others.
  • You make decisions on other people’s behalf and you know everything.
  • You can do everything better, are too independent and are overly possessive of friends and mate.
  • You can’t say your sorry and, although you may often be right, you can become unpopular.

I used the Personality Test that is provided in the book “Personality Plus” by Florence Littauer, I scored a 31 in the Choleric category. That’s a pretty high score. It means that whenever anyone wants to describe the Choleric personality to someone who doesn’t know anything about personality types, they point at me as a prime example. As I said in the article on Character, I used to really hate being Choleric. But, I have learned to truly embrace the positive aspects of my personality type. The world may be a scary place if everyone was Choleric, but it would also be a scary place if nobody was Choleric! Part of being Choleric is being self-motivated. Once I understand what needs to be done I will get it done – one way or another. I do not need to be held by the hand to get tasks accomplished (and I do not want to hold anyone else’s hand either!) Choleric’s make good managers – if they make a lot of effort to work on their people skills, because they can be impatient and short tempered if they don’t. My Pastor can give me an idea and point me in a direction and then relax because he knows that I will follow through to the end without needing a lot of checking up on. If I have questions I will ask them and if something comes up I will deal with it. This works fine, as long a I am committed to being under his authority and fulfilling his vision. If I was not determined to submit to his authority or if I had my own agenda, that would be dangerous because a Choleric wants to understand why they are doing something. They will not usually work at tasks that don’t make a lot of sense to them. But, if they understand spiritual authority, they will obey leadership, trusting God with the outcome.

A Choleric wife can have a hard time submitting to her husband, let alone her employer. She has to really press in and ask God to work on her heart and help her to embrace the authority that He has placed in her life.

The Choleric can run over other people if she isn’t careful. That is why she absolutely must work on her people skills. She must take the time to learn what maker her tick as a Choleric and what makes other people tick as well. If she does, she will learn to appreciate them all and can work with anyone!

The Choleric likes to take charge. I sure do! It does not come from a prideful heart as some believe, it comes from a true leadership gift that God placed there. A Choleric can observe a situation and develop a plan and see it through to completion. If you’re smart, you will look for a Choleric to help you in any situation that has you stumped.

The Choleric also has to make sure that they are not taking charge where they do not have any business taking charge. I have been in situations where I felt a desire to take over but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t supposed to. Perhaps the authority involved was a quiet melancholy or phlegmatic sort who was not asserting themselves. It would be very easy for a Choleric to come along and take over – but it would not be right. The leader is the leader whether you like how they are leading or not!

The Choleric is not heartless and insensitive although they may appear that way to the untrained eye.

The problem is that they say what is on their mind. To them, words do not carry a lot of weight. They can cast off bad comments and insults quickly and can often have a hard time understanding why others can’t. They may just be stating the facts but the more sensitive personality types are feeling attacked or undervalued. Again, if the Choleric will pursue understanding and be willing to make adjustments, they will learn how to soften what comes out of their mouth, or better yet, just be quiet once in awhile.

The Choleric parents has to work at not being authoritarian. I like things just so and I like my child to be where I want him to be, doing what I want him to do. But, he is an individual (also highly Choleric) and he has his own plan, and since he is almost a teenager, we have to work out what we can both live with without killing each other in the process. We have had to learn to rely on God and apply a whole lot of Grace to our lives.

Most people are not as highly Choleric as I am. Most Choleric people would score 25 or less, indicating that while the tendencies are there, there is also enough other personality influence there to keep them out of serious trouble.

The Choleric/Sanguine is great! They can get the job done and make sure everyone is having fun at the same time! The Choleric/Melancholy will not only get the job done but they will have a perfectly typed report about how they did it. The Choleric/Phlegmatic (if they exist!) can get their job done while letting other’s get theirs done without interference!

A closing thought. Sticks and stones don’t seem to harm the Choleric, and they probably don’t. But, the Choleric’s one devastation is being misunderstood and considered emotionally cold. Don’t believe that for a minute. There is a heart under there and it loves and wants to be loved, even if they can’t easily show it.

If you have a strong willed Choleric in your life, please don’t hate them! If they are sticking their nose in your business and you don’t want them to – just tell them so! They can handle it! If they speak harshly and hurt your feelings – tell them! They might honestly not know that their words carry that much power to hurt you. Otherwise, embrace their leadership qualities and put them to work! They have great intuition and they are extremely loyal to those who appreciate and encourage them.

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